vRA Deployments Fail with IPAM Provider Error: {“code”:3000,”message”:”The extensible attributes for search are not specified. (Dynamic Script Module name : findFixedAddressesByEA#27)”} (Dynamic Script Module name : throwIpamError#28)

After vRA was upgraded from 7.3 to 7.6 and the infoblox plugin to the latest, Deployments fail with the below message: After investigation from Infoblox, we found the Extensible attribute “VMware IPaddress” was missing on infoblox Infoblox Documentation: https://docs.infoblox.com/download/attachments/8945695/Infoblox_IPAM_Plugin_for_VMware_vRA_User%27s_Guide.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1606831097478&api=v2 In a second scenario, Looks like my DHCP range was fully allocated. we root caused this […]

vRA 8.x GitLab Integration

Create the GitLab integration in vRealize Automation: 1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Connections > Integrations. 2. Click + ADD INTEGRATION. 3. Select GitLab. 4. Enter the Name and Description. 5. Enter the server URL. 6. Enter the access token. 7. Click VALIDATE. 8. Click ADD. The Access Token is copied from the GitLab console. Preparing […]

Install Rancher and set up a Kubernetes cluster

Install docker: install Rancher in a docker container (single node) with persistent data. We’ll map 80 of the container to 8080 of the docker host and 443 of the container to 8443 of the external host, I’m doing this since I will be using the above ports for different containers. check the status of the […]