SaltConfig and Identity manager integration

SaltConfig must be running version 8.5 and must be deployed via LCM. If vRA is running on self-signed/local-CA/LCM-CA certificates the saltstack UI will not load and you will see similar symptoms: Specifically, a blank page when logging on to salt UI with account/info api returning 500 Logs: To resolve this, grab the root certificate of […]

NSLCD based auth on Linux machine/Usage meter 4.4 LDAP

Below is the sample configuration to get UM-Ad intigation via LDAP (replace the contents of /ec/nslcd.conf with what is appropriate in your environment. root@photon-machine [ /etc ]# cat /etc/nslcd.conf cat /etc/nsswitch.conf cat /etc/pam.d/system-auth cat /etc/pam.d/system-account cat /etc/pam.d/system-password cat /etc/pam.d/system-session cat /etc/pam.d/vmware-um-pam aside from this, NSLCD also needs some pre-requisites for the user that is used […]

vRA patching: clearing the patch tab from a failed patch

Symptoms: vRA patching failed and is now stuck with a patch in the repository, the remove button does not do anything, the retry button is grayed out: Note: Its always recommended that you take a powered off snapshot of all the nodes before patching and before performing the below: Take a powered off  snapshot of […]

adding a webhook to vRA-Code Stream fails

adding a webhook to vRA-Code Stream fails with error: browser console: Symptoms: Gitlab is installed on the same network as of vRA/Codestream Cause: Gitlab does not allow connections to create a webhook from local subnet by default. Resolution :Allow requests to the local network from web hooks and services Steps: On gitlab, go to admin […]

Saltstack + vSphere: Deploying Windows VM’s with Windows Minion

Ensure that you have set up sphere provider provider, refer my previous blog create a windows profile /etc/salt/cloud.profiles.d/w16k.conf  Ensure that you have the smbprotocol and pypsexec installed on the guest windows server template, ensure vmware tools is installed and create a PowerShell script in the path: c:\scripts\e.winrm.ps1, refer salt doc for more information: […]