Passing through a Nvidia GTX970 to a VMware Virtual machine

  1. Create a virtual machine with EFI boot, install windows + tools and power down the VM
  2. Open ssh to the host where the VM is registered to
  3. use VIM-cmd vmsvc/getallvms | grep *name_of_VM*

  4. cd to the datastore path

    cd /vmfs/volumes/NVME/nvidia/

  5. Edit the vmx file using the vi editor and add the below lines

    hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = “FALSE”
    pciHole.dynStart = “2816”

  6. Save the editor and then reload the VMX (201 is the vmid from the above screenshot)

    vim-cmd vmsvc/reload 201

  7. Edit settings on the VM> add new hardware>pci device>add graphic card and its audio device(2 pci pass through device and set the memory reservation to maximum)
  8. Take a snapshot and then power on the VM
  9. Conform the hardware under graphic adapter followed by nvidia drivers installation.

  10. on successful installation.. after the reboot, the exclamation on the driver should go away and you should observe that extending the monitor (window key + P and extend/duplicate) should show the display out on the monitor where the graphic card is connected to.


Note: The nvidia card and its audio device must already have been marked as under pci device as pass through!!






Stem 3, 4 , 5 6 can be replaced with the below: (the below might not work on vsphere 5.x)

  • Edit VM settings:
  • VM options>advanced>Edit configuration and add the two lines:
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