Esxi Root password lock out/ Determining source of last failed ssh login on Esxi

Generally.  Should the root account be locked out, SSH and UI/client access to the host fails. In order to work this around

  • Bring up a Console session to the Host and enable Esxi Shell (under troubleshooting options)
  • on the console session, press ALT+F1,
  • log in as  root and password:
  • In order to unlock the root account and determine the last log on failure, type the below:
  • /sbin/pam_tally2 -r -u root

  • The root account should now be unlocked. Review the IP listed there to prevent logon(scripted or 3’rd party monitoring)

migrate option greyed out for VM’s on the vCenter view

the migrate option is normal grayed out when there is an ongoing task (clone, backup, snapshot take/consolidate/reconfigure etc) running aginst the VM)

In certain rare cases, an orphaned DB record could also cause this. From the vCenter server database, Look at the table VPX_DISABLED_METHODS


IF there are no such task’s and should you find this to be an orphaned entery, the contents of the table may be cleared

Delete from VPX_DISABLED_METHODS where entity_mo_id_val =x;



entity_mo_id_val | method_name | source_id_val | reason_id_val
(0 rows)