Deploy vsphere replication using webclient

* You must have a vCenter deployed on the environment.
* you must have a compatible version of vR iso/ovf downloaded. (The build of vR used on the environment generally depends on the version of the vCenter, if you are unsure as to which version of vR do download, then read this guide here)



Log into the web client and bring up the Deploy ovf template wizard
Note: If you have trouble with CIP (client integration plugin on vCenter 6.0.x and 5.x), try firefox build 30 and CIP for firefox, Alternatively,  you may deploy this using OVFtool as described on my blog here:)

Mount the ISO and point to the ISO drive\bin\ and select the below files as on the screenshot.

Select the respective Datacenter and cluster

Set in the root password and networking information


Once the appliance has been deployed, Power on the Appliance (using web client only!!) and log in to the VAMI page (https://vr-ip:5480)

Switch to the vR>Configuration tab and correct the below
* Lookup service URL (should this be an external PSC)
* username (if you have a custom username/vsphere domain)
* Password

Click on save and restart, it should prompt for a certificate validation like that of the below. if you do not see the below, Ensure the vCenter FQDN can be resolved from the replication appliance.

If successful, you should see the below.


Log out and log in to the vSphere web-client to load the plugin. In some rare occurrences, you will need to restart the vSphere-client service for this plugin to be pulled up.



If you have vCenter 6.0 U2 and vR 6.1.2, the Plugin will not load if the vCenter does not have access to the internet. Please implement the action plan as described here:

Registering the vR to vCenter might fail with SSL validation errors. This is commonly observed with vCenter 6.0 GA, U1 or if it had been upgraded from this build and the certs were changed at one of these builds. Validate this with task 0 as per the below KB and implement if applicable

External PSC:
Embedded PSC:






















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