Configuring VM replications using vSphere replication

Prerequisites:  Vsphere replication management server must be deployed and registered on the to the vCenter server. For instruction on how to deploy and set up the vR, Click here:


Right click on the VM that you wish to replicate

Select Replicate to vCenter server

If the target site (remote vCenter) is not already on the list, click on add remote site. If you are replicating to a datastore on the same site, click on the site and click next (skip the add remote site part)

Type Fill in the Platform services controller  name, username and password and click on log in, you should see the vCenter server (similar to the image below)–Click on ok.

you should now see the target vCenter on the target site list:

Select a replication server (should you have multiple servers registered to the vCenter), and click on next:


Click on edit on the below

Select a datastore:

switch to the vR plugin (outgoing from protected or incoming from recovery) to check the progress of replication

Outgoing from Protected

Incoming from recovery


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