Walk through: Simple install of vCenter server 5.5

Installation over view:

Simple install assume’s that all vCenter components are to be installed on the same box.

Components installed during a simple install include:

  • Prerequisites: (installation media\Single Sign-On\prerequisites)
    • KFW.msi
    • Vmware-Openssl
    • VMware-Pythn
    • VMware-jre
    • VMware-tcserver
    • Microsoft Visual c++ Redist 2008
  • VMware Single Single sign on
  • VMware vSphere webclient
  • vCenter Inventory Service
  • vCenter Server
  • VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage


Mount the install iso and launch the autorun.exe from the disk drive.

Select simple install and run through the wizard


Type in the SSO password

Sso site name:


SSO port

installation path:

Validate and then hit install

Installation wizard steps here:









web client installation

Inventory Service

vCenter Server

DB Configuration

If you already have a SQL server on the environment, Ensure the ODBC drivers are installed and create a DSN to the SQL server.  Else, leave this to the default to install SQL express 2008


  • express instance has a 4GB database size limitation.
  • admin privileges on the SQL instance are granted to the account used at the time of install.

Service Account


Inventory size

SSO thumbprint validation:


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