Recovering a VM using vSphere replication

Log into the recovery site vCenter webclient>vCenter server>Monitor>vSphere replication>incoming replication> Click on the VM that you wish to recover and click on the recover button:  Should you be performing a planned migration of the VM (with the most recent change, select Synchronise recently change (you will need to authenticate with the source side vCenter) ,. […]

WordPress sites being attacked, malicious java code appended to the post

Lately I have been observed several of my work press sites go down. Symptoms include: * certain posts do not load up * Antivirus program points to the page having a malicious code * WordPress admin page loads, the pages can be edited. However, when viewed in html view, I see the malicious code can […]

VCSA/Insufficient inodes can result in service crash with no space left on device errors

version: VMware VirtualCenter 6.5.0 build-8024368 Looking at file system: looking at inode: determine what is consuming the most of inode: To resolve this, we run the below to clear the inode Check for available node to conform if everything is cleared up.

Unlock /reset vSphere replication appliance root password.

restart the replication appliance to GRUB at the grub screen, select SLES 11/12xxx Press ‘e’ Scroll down and look for show opts. append “init=/bin/bash” to the same line press f10 on the keyboard to boot remount the root partition as RW To unlock the locked account, use the below command./sbin/pam_tally2 -r -u root To reset […]