Connecting to VMware appliance postgres/PSQL instance from an external computer/pgadmin

By default, the postgres instance on vCenter/vSphere replication..etc.. are configured to not accept connections from a computer on the network. On this  post, I will show you how to re-configure this to allow connections from an external box for tools like PGadmin etc. Note: Depending on the appliance, the postgres, configuration files/paths might be different. […]

vCenter Pre-upgrade fails

Error: Internal error occurred during execution of upgrade process. Resolution: Send upgrade log files to VMware technical support team for further Assistance. Upgrade logs say: Now look at the source appliance. Run /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_get_network  less returns an dependency error: To resolve this, re-create the link to dependency by running the below commands. Re-run the command to confirm […]

Registering replication appliance to vCenter fails with “no element found: line 1, column 0”

Registering replication appliance to vCenter fails with “no element found: line 1, column 0” Cause: Corrupt/missing ovfenv.xml Log on to the vR appliance console session and run the below command: f the ovfenv.xml is 0, power down the replication appliance and power (do not perform a guest restart) this back up using the web client (must be […]

Setting up replication using existing seeds/reverse replication

Before proceeding, Ensure there are no stale replications. The VM name must not be listed in the vCenter server>Monitor>Vsphere replication>(on the source) outgoing,  incoming tab (for the destination) Configuring replication using existing seeds are rather simple.  Configure replication like you normally would except, you would select the datastore>Folder where the source VM’s virtual disk’s are […]

Recovering a VM using vSphere replication

Log into the recovery site vCenter webclient>vCenter server>Monitor>vSphere replication>incoming replication> Click on the VM that you wish to recover and click on the recover button:  Should you be performing a planned migration of the VM (with the most recent change, select Synchronise recently change (you will need to authenticate with the source side vCenter) ,. […]

WordPress sites being attacked, malicious java code appended to the post

Lately I have been observed several of my work press sites go down. Symptoms include: * certain posts do not load up * Antivirus program points to the page having a malicious code * WordPress admin page loads, the pages can be edited. However, when viewed in html view, I see the malicious code can […]