adding VCSA to domain renames the dns suffix to the domain.

The other day, I had a customer having all management applications on a different DNS suffux as that of the domain. Ie: Domain : Management host’s: on mgmt.local on the customer’s setup, the VCSA was deployed with an FQDN VCSA.MGMT.local However, when the appliance was added to domain, the VCSA renames itself to […]

Esxi Root password lock out/ Determining source of last failed ssh login on Esxi

Generally.  Should the root account be locked out, SSH and UI/client access to the host fails. In order to work this around Bring up a Console session to the Host and enable Esxi Shell (under troubleshooting options) on the console session, press ALT+F1, log in as  root and password: In order to unlock the root […]

migrate option grayed out for VM’s on the vCenter view

the migrate option is normal grayed out when there is an ongoing task (clone, backup, snapshot take/consolidate/reconfigure etc) running against the VM) In certain rare cases, an orphaned DB record could also cause this. From the vCenter server database, Look at the table VPX_DISABLED_METHODS IF there are no such task’s and should you find this to […]

Replacing vmdir certificates on vCenter 6.0

vmdir is a vCenter component that Listens on port 389 and 636(LDAPs/LDAP) We will start creating a new configuration file called vmdir.cfg with the below content: (replace the contents under v3_req with the fields appropriate to your environment) using openssl, create a new CSR file with the above configuration: If the solution user certificates are […]

web client service crashes java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space and java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

vSphere web client refused to start with memory errors log location: Cause: insufficient  Web-client heap size/Insufficient PermGen space?configuration change Scenario 1:  Heap-size Resolution: Ensure there is sufficient free memory on the vCenter Review and Increase (double) the heap size of the web client Appliance: windows: start vsphere-client and observe if this still crashes. Scenario 2: PermGen […]

vCenter Pre-upgrade fails

Error: Internal error occurred during execution of upgrade process. Resolution: Send upgrade log files to VMware technical support team for further Assistance. Upgrade logs say: Now look at the source appliance. Run /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_get_network  less returns an dependency error: To resolve this, re-create the link to dependency by running the below commands. Re-run the command to confirm […]