photon 2.0 Network configuration

file: /etc/systemd/network/





if the DNS= is not specified on the file, resolve.conf will be overwritten with DHCP provided values (if the DHCP flag is not present)

Usage meter 4.x root password reset/unlock

At the photon logo, press ‘e’ and you will see the editable grub menu:
Append rw init=/bin/bash on the line that starts with “linux”

Press ctrl + x or f10 to continue

you should see a screen similar to the below:

To unlock the account, type the below command (if you know the password)

/sbin/pam_tally2 -r -u root

to reset the password, run the below

passwd root

Note: Changing the password does not unlock the account. if the account is locked out, you will need to run the previous command to unlock

Restart the guest of and then boot back into normal appliance and then try logging back in.

vRBC -Exporting a database dump/restoring Database dump

Instructions to backup/restore the vRBC database below

Backup DB:

export PGPASSWORD=`grep 'jdbc.password=\K.*' /usr/local/tomcat/itbm-server/conf/ -Po` 

   /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/pg_dump --data-only -U itfm_cloud_admin -d postgres -t vcac_user_consumer_mapping > /root/backup.sql 

Restore DB

   export PGPASSWORD=`grep 'jdbc.password=\K.*' /usr/local/tomcat/itbm-server/conf/ -Po` 

   /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -U itfm_cloud_admin -d postgres -f /root/backup.sql 

Log in/connect to vRBC vPostgres: