Fixing the broken/corrupt Locker Partition on Esxi

Start by determining the device backing up the locker partition Make a note of the device under the line Partitions spanned (on “disks”): Note: The :8 on the above result signifives that this is partition 8 of the diskNote: On a default install, the locker/tools iso are always stored to partition 8 of the installed […]

vCenter Webclient logon screen glitches after upgrade

After vCenter upgrade, the Logon screen is improperly formatted and might look like the below: or This is because the STS banner flag has an inappropriate data. Inorder to fix this, download and connect to the sso using jxplorer: Note: Take a snapshot of the PSC/backup the vmdird database (/storage/db/vmware-vmdir/lock.mdb) before proceeding, deleting the […]