Replacing VMware-stsd certificate on 6.5/6.7

If the vCenter was upgraded from 5.5, it retains legacy endpoints for lookup service IE: https://FQDN:7444/lookupservce/sdkRunning certificate-manager will not replace the certificate and vCenter might actually start to complain about expired certificate although they are valid. In this can be easily worked around by replacing the certificate on the VECS store: Start by exporting the […]

Understanding VMCA, Manual VMCA Certificates replacement for vCenter.

VMCA is the Default self-signed certificates that is set up at the time of vCenter deployment. All solution users and machine SSL certificates are signed with this certificate. VMCA certificates can be regenerated by using option 8 on the certificatae manager. choosing option 8, you are presented with the below options: Below are the .cfg’s […]