Restricting Plugins on vSphere web-client (Flex and html5)

on Certain occations when the vCenter is upgraded, Plugins like pure, Netapp, NSX, SRM etc can cause incompatibility and prevent the webclient from loading up/Malfunctioning Starting vSphere 6.7, we have a config file to white list and black list plugins which helps us to flag specific Malicious/incompatible plugins which prevents the web client form loading […]

recovering from an unresponsive hostd after a datastore/storage goes PDL

Hostd crashes with the below: Scsi Decoder: Link In my case, The volume appeared to have gone offline because the host was aborting the commands to the HBA. This shows that hostd still appears to be stuck as running in a zombie state. To resolve this, we will need to reset scsi commands to vmhba32 […]

PostgreSQL: could not open file “/var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_clog/0726”: No such file or directory

when selecting a specific date from a table, at times due to database corruption Postgres might report the file was not found. In Such instances, we will can re-create the file using the below dd command (note: data loss on the missing file) Note: Ensure the permissions on the file that was re-created are set […]

joining Esxi to domain fails with LW_ERROR_INVALID_MESSAGE [code 0x00009c46]

Joining Esxi to doamin fails with the below message: Cat /etc/hosts show below: In some cases, the hostname on the /etc/hosts file might not match to that of the host.  (look for the message on domainjoin-join “With Computer DNS Name: esx.” In order to sort this out,  correct the /etc/host file (in my case, I […]

Installing VMware PowerCLi Install on windows 10/2012/2016 via Windows Gallery

Before you proceed, ensure there are no older version of VMware PowerCLi installed (check in add or remove programs), uninstall if you do have the older version. Install PowerCli from Windows Gallery Open powerCLI as an administrator and then run: List available VMware module: Import Module Troubleshooting Import module’s generally fail with the below error: […]

Creating a Cent OS7 template for VMware Guest Customization and Deployment

To start off with, Download the latest version of CentOs7 from At the time of writing, this is: CentOS-7 (1804) Lets start by creating a new Virtual machine.  I will select Esxi 6.5 for backward compatibility  with other host. Mount the ISO, Power on the VM and begin installing of the OS and begin the installation […]

Generate a memory dump for a frozen VMware, windows virtual machine.

Enable complete memory dump feature by changing following registry keys: Enable keyboard crash dump feature by adding following registry keys: Enable NMI crash dump feature by adding following key: Restart Server to take effects. Do a memory dump test with below steps: Capture a kernel memory dump in following ways: o    Send NMI to Guest […]