Installing VMware PowerCLi Install on windows 10/2012/2016 via Windows Gallery

Before you proceed, ensure there are no older version of VMware PowerCLi installed (check in add or remove programs), uninstall if you do have the older version. Install PowerCli from Windows Gallery Open powerCLI as an administrator and then run: List available VMware module: Import Module Troubleshooting Import module’s generally fail with the below error: […]

VMware Power CLI: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority

With the Newer version of Power CLI, the Connect-ViServer fails with message: This can easily be worked around by Importing The VMCA trusted root Certificate Use Set-PowerCLIConfiguration to ignore certs Importing The VMCA trusted root Certificate to windows Trusted Root Store Launch a browser and head to https://vcenter.FQDN  (or https://vc.FQDN/certs/ Click on Download trusted root CA certificates Extract […]