PostgreSQL: could not open file “/var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_clog/0726”: No such file or directory

when selecting a specific date from a table, at times due to database corruption Postgres might report the file was not found. In Such instances, we will can re-create the file using the below dd command (note: data loss on the missing file) Note: Ensure the permissions on the file that was re-created are set […]

Connecting to VMware appliance postgres/PSQL instance from an external computer/pgadmin

By default, the postgres instance on vCenter/vSphere replication..etc.. are configured to not accept connections from a computer on the network. On this  post, I will show you how to re-configure this to allow connections from an external box for tools like PGadmin etc. Note: Depending on the appliance, the postgres, configuration files/paths might be different. […]