PowerCli- Script to reconfigure the default alarm email address on the vCenter server.

Using the GUI to set up email alerts for the default alarm might be time-consuming. In this post I will show you how to use VMware PowerCLi to automate re-configuring the existing, Default alarms with the notification email address. You will need VMware PowerCLi to run through this. if you dont have this installed already, […]

Installing RealTek Nic on Esxi (Esxi white box)

Desktop hardware’s are normally include Realtek nic which do now work in a base install of Esxi. In this article, The below post will walk you through steps to get Realtek nic working Determine the nic hardware by running the below command: Run the below command to switch the acceptance level to community support (the […]

vCenter Webclient logon screen glitches after upgrade

After vCenter upgrade, the Logon screen is improperly formatted and might look like the below: the text would read like the below: or This is because the STS banner flag has an inappropriate data. Inorder to fix this, download and connect to the sso using jxplorer: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2077170 Note: Take a snapshot of the PSC/backup the […]

WordPress sites being attacked, malicious java code appended to the post

Lately I have been observed several of my work press sites go down. Symptoms include: * certain posts do not load up * Antivirus program points to the page having a malicious code * WordPress admin page loads, the pages can be edited. However, when viewed in html view, I see the malicious code can […]