PowerCli- Script to reconfigure the default alarm email address on the vCenter server.

Using the GUI to set up email alerts for the default alarm might be time-consuming. In this post I will show you how to use VMware PowerCLi to automate re-configuring the existing, Default alarms with the notification email address. You will need VMware PowerCLi to run through this. if you dont have this installed already, […]

Installing RealTek Nic on Esxi (Esxi white box)

Desktop hardware’s are normally include Realtek nic which do now work in a base install of Esxi. In this article, The below post will walk you through steps to get Realtek nic working Determine the nic hardware by running the below command: Run the below command to switch the acceptance level to community support (the […]

vCenter Webclient logon screen glitches after upgrade

After vCenter upgrade, the Logon screen is improperly formatted and might look like the below: the text would read like the below: or This is because the STS banner flag has an inappropriate data. Inorder to fix this, download and connect to the sso using jxplorer: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2077170 Note: Take a snapshot of the PSC/backup the […]

Handy commands when working with vPostgres

Copy Table to CSV Copy table from CSV list Top tables by size: postgres password: Rename table Database backup/Dump using pg_dump Database backup (excluding a specific corrupted table) Determining broken tables(pg toast) Starting postgres in single user mode: Reset WAL (Write Ahead logs) Error “MultiXactId has not been created yet — apparent wraparound” Manual Recovery […]

Replacing VMware-stsd certificate on 6.5/6.7

If the vCenter was upgraded from 5.5, it retains legacy endpoints for lookup service IE: https://FQDN:7444/lookupservce/sdkRunning certificate-manager will not replace the certificate and vCenter might actually start to complain about expired certificate although they are valid. In this can be easily worked around by replacing the certificate on the VECS store: Start by exporting the […]