ubuntu 18.04 getting VMware guest customization to work

ubuntu 18.x is by default shipped with cloud-init/netplan that breaks when customizing the VM using vCenter custom spec. In this blog, I’ll show you how to get the customization to work with vCenter. On a fresh install of ubuntu 18.04, create a bash script with the below contents (mine was setup using DHCP) cleanup.sh Note, […]

any host/VM tasks performed on vCenter errors with ““A general system error occurred: Connection refused: The remote service is not running, OR is overloaded, OR a firewall is rejecting connections””

logs from the above snippet, it appears the connection to vcenter port: 8190 was being rejected. as per Vmware docs, port 8190 is used by profile driven storage so we take a look at profile-driven storage log: at this stage, the service refused to start pointing to an invalid entry in the configuration file. I […]

Enable TFTP on VCSA

Start TFTP service Allow TFTP port on the VCSA firewall Confirm if the port is allowed on the firewall Make the firewall rules persistent: Export Ip tables rule Create a startup script at path: /etc/init.d/startftp.sh with the below contents: change the permissions of the script set the script to run during startup: copy the contents […]

Installing RealTek Nic on Esxi (Esxi white box)

Desktop hardware’s are normally include Realtek nic which do now work in a base install of Esxi. In this article, The below post will walk you through steps to get Realtek nic working Determine the nic hardware by running the below command: Run the below command to switch the acceptance level to community support (the […]

cron jobs on vcsa 6.7

permission for cron file must be 666 or 700 an example can be found in the attachment for https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/54526 (use WinRAR to extract the attachment, the file shows up as corrupt otherwise)

vCenter Webclient logon screen glitches after upgrade

After vCenter upgrade, the Logon screen is improperly formatted and might look like the below: the text would read like the below: or This is because the STS banner flag has an inappropriate data. Inorder to fix this, download and connect to the sso using jxplorer: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2077170 Note: Take a snapshot of the PSC/backup the […]