Content library hack(DB)

VMware Content library, A unique way to make VM templates/ISO’s available across multiple vCenter’s. However, It does not handle Datacenter segregation very well when storing the contents on NFS/VMFS. A subscribed library would need dedicated storage space and would be pointless in my setup as I had presented the NFS volume to all host. So […]

ubuntu 18.04 getting VMware guest customization to work

ubuntu 18.x is by default shipped with cloud-init/netplan that breaks when customizing the VM using vCenter custom spec. In this blog, I’ll show you how to get the customization to work with vCenter. On a fresh install of ubuntu 18.04, create a bash script with the below contents (mine was setup using DHCP) Note, […]

any host/VM tasks performed on vCenter errors with ““A general system error occurred: Connection refused: The remote service is not running, OR is overloaded, OR a firewall is rejecting connections””

logs from the above snippet, it appears the connection to vcenter port: 8190 was being rejected. as per Vmware docs, port 8190 is used by profile driven storage so we take a look at profile-driven storage log: at this stage, the service refused to start pointing to an invalid entry in the configuration file. I […]

Enable TFTP on VCSA

Start TFTP service Allow TFTP port on the VCSA firewall Confirm if the port is allowed on the firewall Make the firewall rules persistent: Export Ip tables rule Create a startup script at path: /etc/init.d/ with the below contents: change the permissions of the script set the script to run during startup: copy the contents […]